Donna Reis, Certified Chromatologist, CNHP will facilitate this class. Donna is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and educator; she has studied many different color therapy systems. Donna developed the only non-programmable aura imaging camera in the world to date, it is recognized by the US Federal court for it non-programmable featured giving you a true image of the aura.
COLOR has an extraordinary and powerful effect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
Participants will learn the therapeutic value of color and its vibration, and explore the energy of color, its properties and how to support health and wellness through COLOR. We will explore evaluating our own personal challenges as well as our client’s using color, allowing us to make decisions about the use of color in our personal and professional lives.
This class is excellent for, nurses, teachers, therapists, health care practitioners, parents and anyone who is looking to release any blocks that are holding them back for moving their life forward!
This is a hands on course that will change your life. When you leave this class you will have a deeper understanding of your gifts as well as challenges and that of your clients.
Date & Time: Nov 12, 2016 (9am to 5pm with 1 hour for lunch)
Location: Wilderman Chiropractic Center 2416 Bloomer Dr. Alton, Il 62002
Contact: Donna Reis CC, (817-788-9451) or Shellan Schwank RN, (618-604-9777)
Fee: $70.00 pd. by Nov 1st ($75 after Nov 1st) Register at for more information call Donna at (817) 788-9451) or Shellan at (618) 604-9777) Space is limited sign up early as this class will sell out.

You Will Be AMAZED! “Certificates to be presented at the end of class”. Donna will be available for private ½ hr. sessions Saturday Nov 12th after class and Sunday Nov 13th from (10am to 6pm) Sessions offered: (Contact Donna 817-788-9451 for scheduling and payment on private sessions)

Aura Photo: Aura Photography provides a visual image of the colors of our aura and shows how we are functioning mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Donna will take your aura photo and provide you will a private consultation. Fee for this session is $45.00 (click here for more information)
ColorVibration® Ion spa Cleanse: We are bombarded daily with toxins in our environment which overload our organs. The spa can help draw out these excess toxins and improve our overall wellbeing with a relaxing 30 minute warm foot bath. Donna will evaluate the colors in your foot spa sessions, she is also the manufacturer of this foot spa. $Fee 40.00
(click here for more information)