Aura Parties

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What is an Aura?

Yellow Aura 2By definition the aura is the energy field or “life Force” (Chi) that surrounds, encompasses and permeates all living things. The human aura is similar to a force field protecting and vitalizing every cell and organ of the body. This glowing energy has been called an “electric blueprint”. The aura’s spiraling COLOR vibration field can be seen, felt, and interpreted in an aura reading. Should the color or colors in the aura need balancing this can be accomplished through color therapy. A well-balanced aura should be balanced all the way around, with the color or colors and their stability (i.e., whether there are any breaks, gaps, or holes as well as the intensity of the color) being carefully noted.

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Can We See the Aura?

newnewnew 027Many feel the aura and through understanding the vibration of color/s they can evaluate the energetic balance of auras. There are very few who are gifted to see the aura, however modern day technology allows us to photograph the aura in all its glorious color. An aura camera provides a visual image of how you are functioning mentally, emotionally and spiritual. This allows a color therapist to evaluate the aura and if needed give the necessary information to bring the auric colors into balance.

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COLORVibration® Aura Party

newnewnew 023For your group of 10 or more Color Vision will come to your location, where we will provide each of your guests with an aura photo, an explanation of their photo and an informative discussion on the aura and what the various colors mean. This is a fun and enlightening experience for you and your guests. ColorVision will also bring a sampling of our Color Vibration Products for you and your guests to experience.


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Hostess Requirements

Hostess will provide the location; there will be a fee of $40.00 per person with a minimum requirement of 10 people (the hostess is free and would be considered the 10th person). The fee and guest requirement is based on location of party. The hostess will need to collect the monies from each guest, a 50% deposit will be required 15 days in advance of the party in order to secure the date for the party, and the balance will be due upon arrival at the party. Any products purchased by guests will give the hostess a 10% credit toward her purchase of product or services desired.

Pink AuraAre you a Passionate RED, A Decisive GREEN, A Loyal BLUE, or An Intuitive PURPLE? Fluff up your Aura and have a party. See all the glorious colors in your aura. Share this amazing experience with your friends and family.

To book a party please click on the PayPal icon. Minimum deposit is $175.00 with the balance due at the party.
Before paying your deposit please contact Donna to secure your date.

Book a party today by calling Donna @ 817-788-9451