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Why Pure Perfume Oils?

Nature has provided us with an abundance of wonderful fragrances that invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement & serenity. Everyone is stirred by a variety of the fragrances, the fresh green scent after a rain shower, the early morning scent of the earth or the sweet scent of beautiful flowers. The perfumer strives to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world as well as the thoughts and feelings the scent carries. Each perfume is a work of art; designed to promote specific color frequencies.

Essential oils are extracted from plant. Fragrance oils are aroma compounds blended to duplicate a particular fragrance. All fragrance oils contain pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Enjoy these beautiful fragrances by ordering today!

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COLOR Selection Chart

Courage, Passion and the Will to Survive. When you need emotional support, inner strength, that will to hold on; when you need to feel passion and know your inner strength use Red.

ORANGE: Bliss, Enthusiasm and Deep Insight. When you need to touch that child with-in again; laugh, play; be in touch with your inner knowing (acknowledge that gut feeling and follow it). Feel that bliss for life; let go of the anger; release all that holds you back, then embrace and use Orange.

YELLOW: Clarity, Sunshine, and Personal Power.  When you want to let go and move forward, grab Yellow and watch out; here comes the elimination; taking your power, letting go of all that is not working for you. Let the sunshine back in and eliminate all that does not work for you; see clearly, use Yellow.

GREEN: Understanding, Decisiveness and Healing. When you make decisions, move forward, then growth starts and healing is taking place. Green adds the foundation for the passion of Red. For restoration and balance use Green.

BLUE: Loyalty, Nurturing, Helps Communications. Speak your truth; follow your dreams; organize your life; expand your business skills; and experience spiritual truth through the use of Blue.

INDIGO: Intuitive, Practical and Fearless. Enhance your intellectual abilities, learn from your experiences, take time for self-exploration, discover your intuitive abilities, trust your imagination; through the use of Indigo.

PURPLE/VIOLET: Transformational, Inspirational & Calming. Time to relax and enjoy spiritual growth and transformation; reach those levels of inner peace where you can experience that life thread that connects us to the heavens. Achieve Divine Knowingness through the use of Purple.

EARTH: A scent of the Earth Sensual & Grounding for Abundance.

WIND: A scent of Wind every changing soft yet powerful like the Wind.

FIRE: A scent of Fire ignite the blazing passion within.

The Water BEARER: Enjoy the soft cool waters of this scent.

A Walk in the WOODS: A woody floral musk scent.