color glasses

In a manner similar to vitamin and mineral supplementation, we can benefit from the addition of COLOR Vibration®. By increasing the necessary coloration in one’s life, balance can be restored to the body’s natural vibrations. In choosing a pair of glasses, we instinctively know which color is most called for at the time.  Since 95% of what we take into our bodies is through our eyes then simply wearing a pair of color therapy glasses for twenty minutes will accomplish increasing the needed coloration.  As an example the Red and Indigo glasses have been known to be helpful with headaches.  Please download booklet for more information on the colors and how they affect the body.  A set of our glasses include red, pink, orange, yellow, green turquoise, blue, indigo and purple  $125 includes shipping in the US.

Relaxing with a blue color therapy session to relieve a headache.  Color Therapy is wonderful for our furry family as well.