Color has an extraordinary and powerful healing effect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

As an educator in the field of Chromatology (Color Therapy) my passion is to empower people, by assisting them to overcome their blocks through the utilization of COLOR therapy.

Healing the Cycles of Life through COLOR

Participants will learn the therapeutic value of color and its vibration, and explore the energy of color, its properties and how to support health and wellness through COLOR. We will explore evaluating our own personal challenges as well as your client’s using color, allowing us to make decisions about the use of color in our personal and professional lives.

This class is excellent for, nurses, teachers, therapists, health care practitioners, parents and anyone who is looking to release any blocks that are holding them back from moving their life forward!

This Class is a hands on course that will change your life. When you leave this class you will have a deeper understanding of your gifts as well as challenges and that of your family, friends, or clients.

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Class Presentation: Healing the Cycles of Life through COLOR
(Wholeness through the vibration of COLOR)

Evidence-based references used for developing this educational activity:
Dinshah Ghadiali (Let there be Light)
Vicky Wall (Aura Development)
Homeopathic Psychology, Philip M. Bailey, M.D.
Chinese Medicine, Tom Williams Ph.D.
Holistic Aromatherapy, Ann Berwick
Reference Guide for Essential Oils completed by Connie and Alan Higley

1. Participants will discuss the history of color by describing the effects of color on the seven major chakras which can be gifts or blocks for an individual or client.

Content for this objective:
Participants will identify personal gifts and blocks for the emotional body through coloring 3 forms in class. Lecture includes the history of color, what color is, color complements, how color works, color therapy and its benefits, and how color enters the body.

Teaching Methods:
Experience a coloring activity to complete forms on self and a partner. Power point lecture.

2. Participants will list the developmental stages/growth years and describe the therapeutic influence of color on personal development and relationships.

Content for this objective:
Participants will identify positive and challenging aspects of color during personal growth stages and relationships including recommendations on when to use color safely for environmental décor, clothing with clients using color with aromatherapy/essential oils, eye wear, food, light and water.

Teaching Methods:
Power point lecture. Experience trying on colored glasses, use color light kit and colored gels in class.

3. Participants will describe personalities using color to identify positive or challenging aspects.

Content for this objective:
Participants will discuss “colorful” personalities listing strengths and challenges of each and will describe and demonstrate the use of energy vibration of color in muscle testing/kinesiology to identify strengths and challenges for a client.

Teaching Methods:
Lecture and power point. Demonstration of how to use color to muscle test another person. Participate in an exchange with a partner for muscle testing and color evaluation of each other utilizing the original forms completed at the beginning of class.

This class or portions of it have been taught throughout the US. The participating students have come from various walks of life and include professionals such as vibrational healers, medical doctors specializing in various fields of medicine, counselors, psychiatrists, teachers, parents and individuals looking to release emotional blocks. Chinese medicine has established that if you address the emotional issues of the patient then you can prevent disease from manifesting in the physical body. The purpose of this class is to allow the student to identify any emotional issues they have in a non-intrusive way. Once the issues are identified, then participants can incorporate color therapy into their lives with the intention of releasing emotional blocks which will allow them to move their lives forward. By creating a color balancing program for yourself or for your clients you WILL heal the cycles of your life through COLOR.

Class Facilitator: Donna Reis, CNHP, Certified Chromatologist (817-788-9451)