Know Your Personality

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Did you ever wonder what the COLOR/S of your personality would be? Now you can find out if you are a passionate, pioneering RED, a truthful BLUE politician, a caring INDIGO surgeon.


What color is your overlay, a stable and dependable BROWN? What if you could find out what your strengths were and your challenges? What if you could enhance your strengths and eliminate your challenges? Discover your perfect career that makes you want to get up each day and go to work, one that fits who you are. What if you could find the perfect compatible mate, one who fills your life with joy?

LostFile_JPG_160162560Through self-discovery and self empowerment one can achieve all their dreams………….our quiz will allow you through color to discover your strengths remove your challenges.We have designed a personality quiz that is amazingly accurate. Once you have answered the 140 questions your answers will be calculated to determine your base color and your overlaying colors. This is a powerful tool for those who are seeking to better understand themselves and their life’s path.

Once your colors have been calculated you will receive a book explaining your colors and what complementary colors that would work well for you. Our personality quiz provides you with insightful information that you will use in your daily life. You receive a 30 page book explaining the meanings of all the colors in the quiz along with the answers to your quiz!

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Personality Quiz – $50.00