Simply Intuitive Cards

These cards or similar ones have been used for centuries by people from all walks of life to improve their lives and bring forth their intuitive abilities.  However, this is the only deck of it’s kind available in the world today.

Cards 2These are not Tarot cards and we do not make any claims of magical powers. They are simply a tool to understand the pleasures and challenges of life.They have been designed for ease of use and understanding; charting your destiny has never been easier. You will never again need to ask anyone advise; with these cards it is in your hands you will have the answers. The Simply Intuitive© Cards have been passed down thru four generations, with the permission of the family it was decided to make them available to the public. These cards have four suits, representing the four seasons.  Each suit is a different Self Discovery with the COLOR.
Simply Intuitive Card Set
There are 52 cards and 52 weeks in a year there are 12 court cards and 12 months in a year We have combined the ancient teachings of these cards and the power of COLOR!!!!

Simply Intuitive© Cards in engraved wooded box and instructional DVD comes with a printable CD (this is the workbook that goes with the cards)


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The HEARTS are in the COLOR PINK as they represent spring “In the beginning”………The principal of Love and Creative Fire…………the COLOR PINK holds the vibration of acceptance, love, warmth, seeing the good in all things.

The CLUBS are in the COLOR of PURPLE as they represent the summer.  After the creative fire from the HEART came the animating, activating Breath…………….the COLOR of PURPLE is a sense of the divine connection to all things, no longer judging others or belittling them through thoughts or words.  CLUBS are the guardian of intelligence……………….the COLOR of PURPLE says we must always come from spiritual integrity in our work and our personal lives.
The DIAMONDS are in the COLOR GREEN as they represent the fall…………”Let the Waters bring forth abundantly”…………..”Be fruitful and multiply and have dominion”……………..after the childhood of hearts and the school days of CLUBS, man must produce the DIAMONDS of his efforts and reap the harvest of his sowing……the COLOR GREEN represents vitality and life force, growth, a sense of hope of life renewed.  This is the COLOR GREEN ebb and flow of all abundance; decisive and balanced.

The SPADES are in the COLOR INDIGO representing winter, a period of apparent rest, stillness, hardness and color.  Unless labor is applied, there is no yielding of the ground or any “bringing forth”.  SPADES are the least understood of all the suits, their keywords are Labor and Wisdom.  The COLOR INDIGO  represents digging for the truth, the SPADES talk to us of truth, responsibility, expansion of awareness, the courage to overcome our challenges.