Special Events

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Corporate Parties, Special Events, Fund Raisers

The ColorVision aura camera is great for party planning companies, promotions, grand openings, festivals, holiday events, weddings, celebrations, malls and the list goes on. We rent our cameras for $300 per hour with a four-hour minimum. We will provide the cameras, a camera operator, photo holders and an explanation brochure to accompany each photo: the client will provide the film (around $45 per box through our supplier, with 10 shots per box). There is no limit on photos taken.

For more information call Donna @ 817-788-9451

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Expos, Shows, Conferences & Conventions

Look for the ColorVision (or one of it’s associates) Booth at your local expos, shows, conferences and conventions. The ColorVision booth is very popular in alternative health expos, women’s shows, massage therapists conferences, Chiropractic conventions and the list goes on including any events on the cutting edge. Be sure and ask when you see an aura camera: Is this a ColorVision Camera? If they say yes, then this will assure you that it is not programmed and you will receive a true image of your aura. Check out our Calendar of Events to see where there is a ColorVision camera featured in your area.

Mode Magazine hosted a special fragrance event for Lord and Taylor in New York in June of 2018. This special event featured Aura Photography and Scents of the Season: the client would have their aura photo taken and then with the assistance of a fragrance specialist follow the fragrance chart to find the perfect scent to complement the clients Aura. This is one of the many special events offered (or customized) for our clients, by ColorVision.

Minimum deposit is $300.00 with the balance due upon arrival at the event.

Register for the event by calling Donna @ 817-788-9451