What is Table Tipping?

Table tipping is a form of mediumship; a doorway between the physical world and the world of spirit. Table Tipping is the physical and spiritual phenomenon that occurs when people sit around a table and place their fingertips on its surface. The table serves as a means of communicating with the spiritual realm.

Why Table Tip?

Table Tipping is the simplest way of connecting with the spirit world. Table tipping will allow you to talk with your higher self, spiritual guides and teachers, and family and friends who have passed on. Table tipping was very popular after World War II as it allowed people to have closure with the loved ones they lost during the war. Many people have felt the energy of their loved ones that have crossed over; this has given them much peace as it confirms that those who are gone are actually still with us.

As a physical medium I will use table tipping to connect you the sitter with loved ones who have passed over. Table Tipping is also used for guidance in all areas of life, from personal relationships, to professional. I have professional clients from attorneys, judges, sales executives to teachers that utilize my abilities with table tipping to gain insight. To order now please select the session you would like to have with me and then click on the top of page link to PayPal.

This is one of our table tipping classes.  Each person was able to connect with a loved one on the other side.  This is an awesome way to connect with loved ones for folks of all ages