What is Ionization

Ionization is the physical process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by changing the difference between the number of protons and electrons. The Color Vibration® Ionic Foot Bath passes direct electrical current through water to break apart the H2O (water)molecule. This releases oxygen, stable hydrogen and the negative hydrogen ion (H-). This negative hydrogen ion is a powerful antioxidant and pro-oxidant (in the presence of transitional metals), pH balance and the catalyst most responsible for ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) production, our body’s greatest energy resource. In the past, we received the negative hydrogen we needed through the consumption of raw vegetables and light proteins but modern processing, storage and handling has virtually stripped the modern diet of this increasingly vital element. Gentle and relaxing Ionic Foot Spa sessions allow the body to uptake this “fuel of life”, which is essential in balancing and re-energizing the body’s natural ability to purge toxins and heal itself.

The Benefits of Ionization

Negative ions are exceedingly beneficial for a person’s metabolism as a means of enhancing human behavior. They act in a complex mechanism to bring about hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain. Negative ions act like pure water in washing away dirty poison. Generally, the more negative ions you are exposed to, the better and more uplifted you feel.

You see, electricity puts into the tired body just what it most needs-life force, nerve force. It’s a great doctor, I can tell you perhaps the greatest of all doctors. Nikola Tesla New York Hearld March 14, 1895 (Inventor of Alternating Current)

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Before Ionic Foot Spa Session

The client has just started a nice warm ionic foot spa session.


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After Ionic Foot Session
The client is at the completion of their ionic foot spa session.
We have taken an existing product and researched the positive and negative aspects to create a safer, more efficient, and at a lower cost innovation that will benefit society.

Please do your research. Contact all the other companies offering water ionizing devices, and ask these simple questions.

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ION Replacement Rod

Stainless Steel Ionic Replacement Rod for Color Vibration® Ionic Foot Spa.

$325 plus $15 shipping

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Questions to ask about Wellness Equipment

  • Is your power source UL approved?
  • Do you have Product liability insurance?
  • Do you offer a 7-year warranty?
  • If your power converter falls into my footbath, will I be electrocuted?
  • How much does it cost to use per session?
  • Why does your AC/DC converter cost $1,000, $2,000, or even $3,000 to convert AC to DC?
  • Do you make medical claims?

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Call us at (817) 788-9451 and ask all the hard questions you can and you will receive calm truthful answers.

Wellness Equipment Order Chart
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Color Vibration® Ionic Foot Spa $1195.00 PayPal
Color Vibration® Ionic Foot Spa Replacement Rod $325.00 PayPal

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