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My Colorvision

My Colorvision can Improve the Quality of your life one Color at a Time! Let’s talk about the Importance of Color, Light and Essential Oil Therapy…………………I’m Donna Reis and I would like to share with you my knowledge regarding Color, light and essential oil, therapy.  I have studied  Color and light therapy for over thirty years.  I am a licensed Color Therapist and Certified Natural Health Professional.  I’m excited to share how Color, light and essential oil therapy can assist you in creating a healthy lifestyle free of emotional baggage.  By releasing and healing our emotional issues we can prevent dis-ease from entering our physical bodies, the proper utilization of  Color Therapy can assist you in achieving this balance.  Our Color Vibration® Color Balancing System can support you in making positive changes in your life.  Understanding the power of Color Therapy and its vibration will bring balance and clarity to your life.  The proper use of Color can improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, along with assisting you in defining your life’s purpose.Interest in Color therapy dates back to the ancients in Egypt and India; many temples in Egypt were devoted to the chakras (energy centers) of the body.  The Ayurvedic texts of ancient India recount the Gods using colored light to heal the body and to inject life force into food and water.

This makes the principles of Color Healing, Auric Healing and Auric Reading as old as all of recorded history.

The return to the simple principles of Color Healing is important to us today, as health care costs skyrocket.  Remember Color healing is inexpensive and easy for the individual to use and master.


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