About Donna

Greetings I am Donna Reis holding Certifications in Chromatology, Ionic Research, Emotional Release with Essential Oils, as well as a Natural Health Practitioner.  I am the founder of ColorVision and internationally recognized as an expert in the field of Chromatology (the study of color and light on all living things).  I developed the only non-programmable aura imaging camera in the world to date that is recognized by the US federal courts for being authentic.

I have spent many years studying the power of Color as well as Metaphysics.  As a psychic medium I have combined my knowledge of Color and my abilities to connect with the other side to offer clients in-depth consultations.  Connecting folks with their loved ones on the other side allows for closure is truly amazing.  I utilize many metaphysical tools, such as divination cards (including color cards and the simply Intuitive© cards) astrology, table tipping and more with the intention of offering guidance regarding their past, understanding of the present and guidance into the future. 

My passion is to assist my clients in expanding their knowledge and developing their psychic abilities.  I believe we can improve the quality of our lives one color at a time.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my web site, please let me know if you have any questions I am here to be of service.

Wishing you a colorful day

Donna Reis, CC