Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-discovery as well as giving us a better understanding of our loved ones.  Your natal chart is your road map to life; the benefits of your natal chart will undoubtedly improve your relationships with others it will shed light on specific life challenges as well as gifts. Your natal chart will address issues pertaining to your destiny, health, and personal empowerment.

Your solar return goes from birth day to birth day will give insight into what the year will bring you both in gifts and challenges. The solar return chart is based on where you spend your birthday. Reading the solar return chart is similar to a natal chart, except that all the themes will play out within a year instead of within a lifetime. You look at a solar return chart to see what stands out the most this way you have insight into your upcoming year. Knowledge is power and a solar return chart gives you a look into your upcoming year. Think of an astrology chart as the stage where your life will be played out. The actors are your planets, their script is the sign the planet is in, and the action takes place in one of the twelve rooms are stage in your chart.  Along with your reading your will also receive a book that I prepare for you as a reference for you.

Each reading is from 1 hr to 1 ½ hours

This is a sample of a natal chart which is your road map to life.  Showing you your strengths and challenges.  This is called a bundle chart this person is very focused in these areas.