Improve your bottom-line with COLOR!

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Like any business strategy, A “Color Strategy”can have a positive impact on you, your staff, your clients, and your overall bottom-line results.There are 4 key area of your business that can be influenced by creating a Color Strategy:

• Improved Financial results
• Increased buy/client motivation
• Personal appearance that suggests leadership and know how
• Utilize COLOR to make your office or first meeting more “client friendly”

Most marketing professionals understand that the frequency (wave length) of a Color influences a buyer’s mental, emotional, and physical body. Coloration can inspire motivation, or drive business from your door. The colors you choose to wear, publish, use in website design, and/or decorate your offices with not only make a statement about who we are, but also create an emotional impression. And as you know, most “buyers” react at the emotional level.

Business people against IT backgroundPsychologically, Color has an enormous influence on a buyer/client attitude. This is especially important depending on your industry and what you want to present to your client or staff. Color can influence people to pay attention to you during the critical 15-30 second window of time you have to deliver your message. And part of your message is delivered by the colors you choose to wear, use to decorate your offices, with your brand logo, and so on.

Donna Reis is an entrepreneur and educator in the field of Color. She has been passionate about how Color affects our physical, mental and emotional bodies. In 1989 this passion led her to found ColorVision, a company that provides interactive workshops and seminars on The Power Of COLOR! Donna has given numerous radio and TV interviews; been a featured speaker at conferences, facilitated seminars, and workshops throughout the US, England, Mexico and Canada since 1992. Prior to the opening of Color Vision Donna was a business and marketing consultant in Los Angeles, California, to both small business and the independent professional. Donna combines her expertise in business, along with her knowledge of Color and its effects in creating a “Color Strategy” to increase the bottom-line .

As you develop your marketing strategy for the coming months, not only do you need to consider the message, the media, the cost, a successful strategy must include the use of Color and how to use it to “excite” your market.Graph

If you are ready to take your business relationships to the next level or if you would like to have your employees become more motivated and have a new sense of confidence, then contact Donna at 817-788-9451 or e-mail her.

Consultation Fee:  $100 per hour (2 hour min)
New clients will receive first consultation at no charge.