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ColorVibration® Color Consultation:

Did you ever wonder what  COLOR/S support your strengths and what are your challenges? Now you can find out if  RED, is giving you the strength you need or if BLUE supporting inner peace, is INDIGO part of depression or spiritual growth.

KIM_6578We have designed a form that is amazingly accurate.  This form is used by many health care professionals, counselors, medical doctors, teachers, parents and individuals as an evaluation tool.  Based on how you select your five colors from the fourteen choices you have; a color therapist can determine your strengths and challenges.  This is a very powerful tool, in getting to the root cause of patterns such as depression, lack of focus, worry, abandonment issues, abuse, and the list goes on.  As color is a non intrusive way of communicating with people this is an excellent tool that is used by many teachers with their students including special needs children. Once your colors have been calculated your color therapist will recommend a program to bring balance to the client and eliminate the challenging issues. 

Please download the form fill in the colors in the correct boxes and e-mail (after payment) to  You will receive a written evaluation of your colors along with recommendations needed to move your life forward!. 

This is very exciting making this form available through the internet.  Many of you have experienced the power of this evaluation in a private consultation, now everyone can.

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Personal Color Consultation:  – $40.00

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A powerful non intrusive way to assist in uncovering any blocks that a person has from achieving their desires.  Move your life forward, increase your finances, find that perfect relationship, improve your emotional and physical health.  Understand where your are now in your life and learn what the future holds, take charge of your life and move forward with your desires, achieve your dreams NOW!  Please contact Donna to book your appointment 817-788-9451

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