We will meet each week for the next six weeks , covering the following subjects with the intention of developing our psychic  mediumship abilities by the end of the class you should be able to read for your family and friends if you so desire as well as connect to loved ones on the other side.

 Each class will be 2 hours

Auras:  The Aura is the energy that surrounds all living things. This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or “life force” which surrounds each living thing it is our life force. The color/s shape/s give insight into our strengths and challenges. Understanding the energies and color/s of the aura is the foundation to developing your psychic abilities as well as mediumship connections. This class will focus on how to see and feel the aura, the intention is that you leave this class having seen the aura surrounding you.

Billets:  this is a procedure that involves placing a secretly written question on a piece of paper.  This paper is then folded and passed on to another student who then attempts to answer the question contained with in the folded pies of paper

Smoke Reading:  This is a form of psychometry. With a smoke reading you take a letter size sheet of paper and hold it over a candle for a few minutes moving back and forth after removing it from the flame you can watch the story unfold.

Symbology:  Information comes to us in so many ways, some very subtle, as in symbols. Psychics are especially skilled at noticing and interpreting these gentle signals that appear in our lives. To be efficient and proficient we must develop a broad understanding of the meaning of a great many signs and symbols. Like traffic signs, when we are paying attention, signs and symbols guide us; they help us to make good choices, and to avoid chaos in our lives and in our worlds.

Automatic Writing:  The basic recipe for automatic writing is that you open a word document (or get a pen and paper if you wish) and you type/write a question. But remember that you are not consulting your thinking mind. In order to do it successfully, you have to put your mind to one side.

In many ways, doing automatic writing is like being ‘in the flow’ while writing. If you’re a writer then you will know what I’m talking about when I say ‘in the flow’. It’s the state when you have many creative ideas and they all seem to fit together quite nicely, and you can transcribe them coherently and quickly – and often it feels quite exciting. Yet at the same time, your conscious mind is not laboring away – it feels effortless and light. You can also be in that state when you do automatic writing – not so much in a creative writing sense, but in an intuitive sense.

Psychometry:  This is when a person can sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it. You can receive impressions from an object by holding it in your hand or perhaps touching it to you forward. Please bring a piece of jewelry or an object that is special to you preferably one that can be held in your hand.

Mediumship Development Class paid individually $22 purchase 5 classes in advance and receive 6th class free