The Story of a young boy on his journey into self-empowerment

She was on point. I really enjoyed it. I would see her again. 

So accurate! I had such an amazing and insightful experience.

At first I was skeptical about trying this. But let me tell you, she was SO ACCURATE! It was like she knew me. Excellent!!!!

What a delightful experience.  I had no idea this person had so much to offer besides the aura reading. I feel like I have a new friend and I plan to avail myself of her services again.

Donna is simply amazing. I have never done anything like this but she was spot on with everything she said. She’s got an amazing gift. Highly recommend her!!

It was amazing. She truly has a gift and gave me some solid direction. Highly recommend.

Donna was amazing and so sweet! She definitely knew what she was talking about. She told me things I definitely needed to hear. Can’t wait to go back to her for one of her classes!

She new a lot about me almost right off. Very nice easy spirit.

A lecture I did on Color and Soul Healing a couple of years ago it is a bit blurry however the information is worth listening to I hope you enjoy