Hi, I’m  Donna Reis, I have spent most of my life studying the power of COLOR as well as METAPHYSICS. I am considered an international expert in the field of COLOR!
The impact COLOR has in our lives, whether it be wellness to bring balance in our homes, success in our careers, or our general well-being, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The proper use of COLOR can improve the Quality of your life one COLOR at a time!

With my knowledge of COLOR and my passion for METAPHYSICIS I created an AURA Camera that would take a true picture of the AURA. The COLORVISION AURA Imagining Camera is the only camera that was and still is recognized by the US federal court system for producing a true image of the AURA. I have our cameras all over the world offering AURA photography, with the intention of assisting people in understanding how powerful their AURA is.


Sessions with Donna